Winners of the Centre of Excellence Awards 2018

With so many amazing entries for this year's Centre of Excellence Awards, along with the Winners and Runner-Ups, we have also given out Highly Commended awards. If you were a finalist, please check your emails to see if you were among them.

Congratulations to everyone who entered this year, you once again made it incredibly hard for us to choose our winners. If you missed out this time, please try again next time. We will be announcing next year's entry date towards the end of the year.

Each of the stories of how you have used the courses you have studied truly inspire us. Here are a few video entries we had for this year's awards.

Centre of Excellence Awards

Centre of Excellence Awards 2018 Logo

Here at Centre of Excellence we are supremely proud to be at the heart of a vibrant community of hard-working students. The determination and enthusiasm of our students never ceases to impress us and there is nothing better than seeing our graduates go on to succeed in further education, work, business or just life in general!

We firmly believe that you should celebrate success, so we have created a series of awards to recognise the talents of some of our most accomplished students. We seek to recognise and promote the most outstanding work and talents, highlighting examples of spectacular commitment, contribution to others, professionalism and expertise. Our carefully chosen winners will have shown dedication, passion and a real flair for their vocation. Centre of Excellence judges will consider every nomination, research and follow a process designed to ensure that only the most deserving and top performing individuals and companies are winners.

The Categories

Learner of the Year Award Icon

Learner of the Year Award

The quality and calibre of our students is what will shape and inspire our much-loved industry for generations to come. This award is for the student who has demonstrated an outstanding dedication to learn and be the best that they can be. You may have won over adversity, continued to learn through difficult life challenges, won a university place due to your extra dedication or simply have completed several courses with 100%. We want to know your story and why you are Centre of Excellence Learner of the Year.

Inspiration Award Icon

Inspiration Award

There are people who climb seemingly impossible odds to achieve their dream. There are so many amazing individuals in our community that should be recognised for the inspiration they provide. Please tell us about your own inspiring story of how you've gone on to use the knowledge learnt in your course and why you should win this award.

Best Business Award Icon

Best Business Award

Have you set up your own business as a result of completing courses with Centre of Excellence? We want to celebrate your success! This prestigious award for Best Business will be a very coveted award. We are looking for innovative business ideas or a clear point of differentiation. Did you identify a gap in the market for something new or are you offering an established product / service with a special twist? The judges will be more focused on future potential and how you have enriched the lives of others with your products or services.

Outstanding Holistic Therapist Award Icon

Outstanding Holistic Therapist Award

For the Outstanding Holistic Therapist Award the judges will be looking for great communication, inspiration, regular activity on social media, setting up groups, a great website, and fantastic testimonials from your clients. Do you make your clients feel like a million dollars and send them back into the world in a state of bliss? If you think you fit this category or know an outstanding therapist then please let us know.

Entrepreneur of The Year Icon

Entrepreneur of the year

We are looking for an exceptional individual who has identified a market opportunity and built an outstanding business around it. We will be look at commercial performance, significant growth, staff and customer loyalty, innovation and strong leadership. The judges will be looking at your demonstration of a clear vision of where you want to take your business in the future.

Pet Care Award Icon

Pet Care Award

Do you pride yourself on working hard to provide the best possible care and attention to your customers and their pets? Or do you have a service for animals which you have grown using one of our pet care/training courses? If you have gone the extra mile for the animals in your life, then we want to hear from you. Centre of Excellence want you to be acknowledged for all your efforts.

The Shining Star Award Icon

The Shining Star Award

This award recognises those that have gone on to make a difference in the lives of others. Have you studied our self-development courses which have totally changed your life perspective? Have our courses compelled you to make a positive impact in the lives of others or animals? Do you volunteer and give back to the world? If this is you, we want to hear from you so we can crown you our Shining Star.

Award for Outstanding Personal Achievement Icon

Award for Outstanding Personal Achievement

Open to people who have studied with Centre of Excellence at any level. Perhaps you have overcome personal adversity or can share an interesting journey. Have you helped your community, local school or other businesses in some special way? Tell us how you succeeded where so many others have failed. Open to all individuals, the judges are keen to hear your special story.

 Outstanding Contribution Award- Working in the Community AwardIcon

Outstanding Contribution Award - Working in the Community Award

This individual has played a key role in making a significant difference to their local community by passionately getting involved with activities within society. They are committed to the values and vision of the organisations they support. This award is to recognise how their actions have had a positive effect on the lives of others. It may be helping out at a local school, working with the elderly or fundraising in the community. If Centre of Excellence has inspired you to do more for your community, then we want to hear your story.

Some of Last Year's Winners

To give you an idea of what we're looking for and to get a look at what you can win, here is a selection of inspirational video entries from some of last year's winners, along with the awards trophy and winners certificates from 2017.

Centre of Excellence Awards 2017 - Trophy and Certificate
Centre of Excellence Awards 2017 - Certificates